Ground Team 
When called upon from local law enforcement our team utilizes their training and experience in grid search and land navigation to locate missing or abducted individuals through urban, woodland and swamp terrain. MCSAR trains in adverse conditions to be prepared for the worst, provide the best… so that others may live.

K-9 Unit
Our team is proud to have both track and trail K-9 as well as humans remains detection. Being able to service both aspects of search we are able assist in a wider varity of cases.
Our K-9 and
their handlers train in and outside of our team, many times travel to out of states at their own expense to train for any situation that could arise. Our K-9’s live at home with their handles who cover all the living and training expense involved with the animal.

Marine Unit
November of 2017, our rescue boat was totaled in an auto accident. Our team was rear-ended returning from Miami where the boat was being refurbished. Unfortunately, the insurance did not cover the cost of a new boat. This vessel enabled MCSAR to respond to and assist other agencies within the county as well as surrounding areas and was able to be utilized in natural disaster relief efforts particularly in flooding, bridge outage situations and hurricane relief. We are currently raising money to replace this vessel as soon as possible.

K-9 Jasmine
 L. Luh
 K-9 EOW: 8/28/2012