Manatee County Search & Rescue

EMergency Call 911 / Non-Emergency 941-254-6490

Manatee County Search and Rescue  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to assisting local law enforcement and other first responder agencies in the location of missing persons. The organization is  a 100% volunteer staff comprised of either currently employed or retired from a First Responder or Military related field. The agency is funded 100% by donations from the community or from the members directly in order to remain in service to serve the citizens of Manatee County, as well as surrounding areas.

Our History

Manatee County Search and Rescue was created in 1999 as an outlet for dedicated public safety professionals to continue to give back to their community while increasing their knowledge and networking. MCSAR began with only a few members from the public safety community who saw a void in the services offered in the county. It has now grown to approximately 30 members.  

    In 2008 the organization was taken over by, now Chief, Jared Leggett and continues to be comprised of dedicated public safety professionals - all active or interested in all search and rescue disciplines, disaster aid, emergency medicine and awareness education. 

    Manatee County Search and Rescue serves a total area of 893 square miles. 741 square miles of it is land and 152 square miles of it is water with a population of about 403,253 people.

The mission

The mission of Manatee County Search & Rescue (SAR) is to provide for the safety and welfare of all citizens and visitors to Manatee County and to protect them from loss of life and property, disorientation, natural disaster, and medical emergency. 

This mission extends to areas across the state of Florida and beyond when called upon to do so, and includes but is not limited to, wilderness SAR, urban SAR, locating lost stranded persons, the promotion of missing child prevention programs, marine rescue, and the providing of emergency medical services

The introduction of new ideas and concepts leading to improved services which optimize resources will be a high priority for department personnel.

The promotion of good will, community respect, and confidence in Manatee County Search & Rescue will continue to be of the highest priority for all volunteers.

"Prepared for the worst, providing the best... 

So that others may live."

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