Manatee County Search & Rescue

EMergency? Call 9-1-1

Non-Emergency? call 941-254-6490

Manatee County Search & Rescue, a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity, is committed to aiding local law enforcement and other first response agencies, with a primary focus on locating missing persons. Our team consists entirely of volunteers, who are either currently employed or retired from roles in the First Responder or Military sectors. To sustain our operations and continue serving the citizens of Manatee County and its neighboring areas, we rely entirely on donations from the community or contributions from our members.

Our History

Established in 1999, Manatee County Search & Rescue (MCSAR) originated as a platform for committed public safety experts to contribute to their community while expanding their expertise and connections. Initially founded by a small group within the public safety sector, MCSAR recognized a gap in available services within the county. Over time, its membership has grown to encompass approximately 30 individuals.

In 2008, Chief Jared Leggett assumed leadership of the organization, which remains composed of devoted public safety specialists actively engaged or interested in various search and rescue disciplines, disaster relief efforts, emergency medicine, and educational outreach.

Spanning a total area of 894.8 square miles, MCSAR's operational territory comprises 742.8 square miles of land and 152 square miles of water. This vast region supports a population of around 453,021 residents.

The mission

Manatee County Search & Rescue (SAR) is dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of both residents and visitors in and of Manatee County, ensuring their protection from potential risks such as loss of life, property damage, disorientation, natural calamities, and medical emergencies. Our commitment extends beyond county borders, responding to calls for assistance across Florida and even further when necessary.

Our mission encompasses a wide range of activities, including wilderness and urban search and rescue, locating and aiding stranded individuals, promoting programs aimed at preventing missing child incidents, conducting marine rescues, and delivering emergency medical care when needed.

We prioritize innovation and the implementation of novel ideas and approaches to enhance the efficiency of our services while making optimal use of available resources.

Furthermore, fostering goodwill, earning community respect, and instilling confidence in the capabilities of Manatee County Search & Rescue remain fundamental objectives for all our dedicated volunteers.

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