Public services

Aside from our standard responsibilities, Manatee County Search & Rescue can provide you with the following additional services!

Public displays and demos

We actively engage in various public gatherings throughout the county to raise awareness among children and the community about our mission. We eagerly offer presentations at events, showcasing our equipment, vehicles, and K-9 units. Should you wish for us to be part of your event, please reach out to us at or by dialing 941-254-6490.

Medical Standby events

We offer prompt and discreet medical emergency response services at your event, deploying highly skilled EMTs and Paramedics equipped to handle any situation on land, sea, or air. Our medical team ensures swift and effective treatment for patrons or event staff experiencing medical issues, ensuring they can quickly return to enjoying or managing the event.

If necessary, our team can arrange transport to an emergency department, expediting evaluation, treatment, and patient transfer. Additionally, our certified Safety Officers can conduct one-time or ongoing safety assessments to ensure the well-being of all attendees.

Our EMTs and Paramedics meticulously document patient information, vital signs, and treatments provided, streamlining communication with transporting emergency medical services. For further details about our event medical services, please contact the Rescue Captain at 941-254-6490 Ext. 105 or fill out a service request form available below.

Or click here to fill out a request for services.