Response Capabilities

Manatee county sar response

Manatee County Search & Rescue answers diverse calls across Manatee County and neighboring areas through mutual aid agreements. These calls encompass various scenarios, including locating lost, missing, or stranded individuals, as well as marine rescues for distressed vessels or overdue boaters and kayakers. In addition to our standard operations, MCSAR has contributed to post-disaster relief efforts in other counties.

Equipped with specialized gear tailored for these missions, MCSAR is committed to deploying highly skilled professionals to ensure successful outcomes.

Sar instructors and EVALUATors  

As members of the National Association for Search and Rescue, we also have certified Instructors and Evaluators for both the Fundamentals (SAR-TECH-III) and Intermediate (SAR-TECH-II) levels of Search and Rescue training. 

The SAR TECH II certification is particularly recommended for individuals who serve as field searchers during SAR missions.

Stewart and Stevenson (LMTV) Light Military Tactical Vehicle

This vehicle is designed to facilitate the extraction of stranded individuals from remote or inaccessible locations. Whether the individual is trapped in wooded areas or stranded amid floods, this vehicle is equipped to reach them.

Inmar 20ft Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

This adaptable vessel can navigate both the Manatee River and the Gulf with ease. Powered by a 115hp Suzuki motor, this Inmar ensures swift response to calls for assistance or rescue. With a capacity rating of 10 persons or 3,000lbs due to its design, and a shallow draft, it enables us to approach victims with greater proximity.