Manatee County Search / Rescue operates in cooperation with Manatee County Public Safety. The Agency is listed as one of Manatee County's Special Teams. All members of Manatee County Search / Rescue are highly trained personnel from Law Enforcement, Military, EMS, Paramedic and other Public Safety fields that donate their time to supplement the needed resources that it takes to run a Search / Rescue operation. Our agency is not funded by the County or by any tax dollars, our members are not paid and offer our services free of charge. Equipment, training and mission expenses are paid for by the members themselves. Any donations, either financial or equipment are greatly appreciated.

The members of Manatee County Search / Rescue cover a primary area of 893 square miles. Of that, 152 square miles is comprised of water. We serve the entire population of Manatee County which at last census was just over 315,766 residents.

Manatee County Search / Rescue has also assisted other agencies around the State with missing persons cases. From our home in Manatee County, to the East in Brevard County, South to Collier County and even North to Sumpter County. Some of our members have assisted with emergencies out side the State such as Louisiana's Hurricane Katrina and New York during September 11th.

Your generous donation can be made by sending check or money order to the address below. Or Submit your donation by using our Donation link below. We are a IRS Registered 501(c)(3) non-profit agency which means your donations of cash or equipment will be tax deductible.

*NOTE: For donations of Materials, Equipment or Office/Storage space please email us at the following;

COORDINATOR: Jared Leggett email:

Donation can be made through traditional mail to:

Manatee County Search/Rescue

7006 122nd Ave East

Parrish, FL 34219

Or Click the link below to Donate online!

Manatee Search / Rescue Square Up Donation Page