Press Release 6-24-11

Post date: Jun 25, 2011 3:52:09 AM

Manatee County Search / Rescue is pleased to inform the public that we have just acquired two (2) 2011 Sea Doo GTi 130 personal watercraft thanks to the wonderful folks at Action Kawasaki Yamaha Sea Doo in Bradenton.

These machines will add yet another great resource to the response capabilities of Manatee County Search / Rescue. As a County wide Search & Rescue agency we know we can be called upon in just about any location within Manatee County. Though we are usually called upon for our Wilderness and Land based expertise, there have been cases for persons overdue from canoe and kayak trips in our vast waterways. With the growing use of the "Greenways & Blueways" programs within the County is is our belief that we need to make sure the resources are available if needed rather than waiting until after an event happens.

After much consideration about what type of units to purchase, the Sea Doo GTi 130 was chosen for several factors. It is one of the first (PWC's) Personal Water Craft with a "true neutral" and a break system. Having the ability to keep the engine running while staying neutral is is of great benefit over older models where you would have to turn off the craft, and fight the currents by constantly restarting and stopping the craft. The breaking feature is of great comfort for a water craft. This feature can stop the craft up to 100 feet shorter than the competition from its top speed of approximately 55mph. Just as important is how quiet these machines are compared to even last years models. Knowing the engine / exhaust is the quietest on the market today ensures the minimal disruption to wildlife in the most remote areas of our Blue Ways.

These craft will have several uses throughout the County. They are smaller and more maneuverable then most boats and require only a few inches of water to operate so they can get into some of the most difficult places where a canoeist or kayak-er may find themselves in distress. At the same time they are powerful enough to operate in the open Gulf on some of the roughest days. Their size and ease of use will allow them to be put into the water in remote areas without boat ramps, which can increase response times. The same day these two unites were purchased, two members of Manatee County Search / Rescue were able to assist a FWC (Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission) patrol with a call for medical service just off of Anna Maria Island.

Manatee County Search / Rescue is an all-volunteer group of Public Safety professionals that give their free time to further assist the residents and visitors to Manatee County. They operate solely from donations and the personal expense of its members. To learn more about Manatee County Search / Rescue or to Donate go to their