Public services

In addition to our normal duties, here are some other services that Manatee County Search & Rescue may be able to help you!

Public displays and demos

We participate in numerous public events around the county to educate children and the public about our mission. We love to speak at events and demonstrate the equipment, vehicles and K-9's. If you have an event that you would like us to participate in, please contact us at or by calling 941-254-6490

Medical Division Stand-by events

We can assist your event by providing EMTs & Paramedics to respond quickly, and discreetly to any medical emergency that may arise at your event. Our highly skilled personnel are prepared to handle any situation that may arise on land, sea, or even in the air! The EMTs and Paramedics will ensure that whatever medical problem your patron(s) or event staff experiences is treated quickly, and effectively; getting the patron back on their way to enjoying your event, your event staff back on their way to working your event. If the patron(s), or event staff requests or requires transport to a emergency department for definitive diagnosis and treatment, our EMTs and Paramedics will ensure the rapid evaluation, treatment, packaging, and transport of the patient; so the patient can reach definitive treatment at an emergency department sooner. We can also provide a one-time safety assessment, or a continuous safety assessment of your event by way of our certified & credentialed Safety Officers to ensure the safety of all patrons. Our EMTs and Paramedics have the ability to document all pertinent patient information, vital signs, and treatments provided. We also have the ability to send all of the collected information digitally to the transporting Manatee County Emergency Medical Services Ambulance, allowing their EMTs and Paramedics the ability to focus more on the patient’s care.

For more information about our Medical Division, please contact:

Captain Nicholas Reis, Medical Division Coordinator 941-254-6490 Ext. 105

Or click here to fill out a request for services.